Saturday, December 14, 2013

Frozen: There Are People Worth Melting For

Frozen! What is there to love about the movie? is LoVe itself! "Love which means putting the need of another being on top of yours ."

It's funny that the hubby and 
I found our way inside of the cinema viewing Frozen as per suggestion of a six year old who seemed over zealous about the movie. At the start of the show having no idea of the plot we were yawning and chuckling but knowing it is a Disney offering I just felt I was in for a surprise.

Then "Olaf" the snowman appeared onscreen with its stick arms and carrot nose! - my eyes got glued! 

We laughed, we cried and screamed as a family and the dreamy girl in me fell inlove over again!!!♡♡♡

Find out why! Head to the nearest movie house and get Frozen!!! -forever with the power of true LOVE! 

I have to add, the musical scoring is Superb!

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