Thursday, November 21, 2013

Healthy Thoughts: The Bright Side of Life

Digging my albums has inspired me to look at the BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE...

....though there are many reasons why people weep on my side of the world now...there is one thing that we must not take for granted ..we ARE ALIVE and were spared, MANY ARE SHARING AND LOVE and CARING is everywhere...that is more than enough reason to SMILE....

~special thanks to Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life for teaching me an awesome way to share my photos at our group blog, THE SALITYPE SOCIETY, you might want to drop by there to learn it too~

2 yorum:

  1. wow, your collage is a lot better than mine, i did not know about borders, hahaha! i guess i just kept on making collage without looking at the other features, now, I learn from you, the borders make it more creative, plus, your pictures are really beautiful, showing the bright side of life.

  2. indeed, we have a lot of reasons to smile. anong secret ito ha? hehehehe! share me the photo editing app plssssss. :)


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