Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Day In The Life of A Cat (For Fellow Cat Lovers)

Meet one of our pet cats- Vehea. She actually loves sun bathing! Or is it sun bathing that she does each morning? We live at the neck of the woods and to this day our home sweet home could only be reached on foot.

 Vehea loves walking along the edge of our elevated front yard looking out at the farm. I wonder whether someday there would be a road constructed leading to our gate and we could check out for trailers to use in our dream place. We dream of one day fully developing the farm and helping our community be self-sufficient.

 Look at Vehea's happy contented face. I wonder what she's thinkin' and I sometimes spend minutes  listening to her mewing and just watching her scratching and walking around the house playfully chasing our puppies. Oh cats and dogs are great company on lazy carefree days!

Be kind and share your smile with animals and you are sure to have one great day!

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