Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Dance, First Love

Do you remember your FIRST DANCE with the one you love? -your face illuminated by strove lights and those emanating from lighting stands on stage with romantic music filling the hall? How the beating of your heart was louder than the bass guitar of the band?

There was magic in the air and all you wanted was for that moment to last forever- him holding your hands on his chest and your faces drawn close that you could hear his every breath and feel the pounding on his chest.  You hated how midnight came and you had to part and when you went to bed all you could think of was his magnetic smile. What was in that smile you could not fathom yet all you wanted was to see it again, FOREVER to be precise.

It is crazy how our young hearts fall inlove so easily when music is filling the air. It must be the colorful lights or the sweet melody reaching our brains or simply chemistry. Whatever it is I do believe in the magic of LOVE and the beauty of FIRST LOVE.

4 yorum:

  1. Oh gee, I so remember my first dance that I wished would last forever. Just so dreamy and starry eyed when I was young. :)

  2. How romantic, sis! All these years and I still have to experience that! haha. Love you!

  3. Sounds so romantic and beautiful memory to have!

  4. I remember the first clumsy hug and kiss. I was not allowed to attend dances while I still lived at home, so it was much later that I had my first dance. Isn't it funny how the heart beats so loudly that you wonder if anyone else can hear it? Awww, where have those days and feelings gone? Now I get all excited about seeing my grands and romance is out the window. Their smiles and giggles mean everything to me.


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