Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Conversations With Roel

It was one of those early morning sweet conversations between mom and son; one which this mother's heart wants to save for my great grandchildren to read in the future. I woke up beside an eleven year old's boyish grin and childish murmurings.

Rays of the sun were slowly seeping in between the gapes of our curtains and birds were merrily chirping while our dogs barked at passersby.

 It was a chilly morning and Roel snuggled close to me. I could feel his young heart beating and what a wonderful feeling that is! To hear him breathing with ease beside me, chinky, innocent eyes staring at me and sweet sounding voice bombarding me with questions was more than enough to make me feel so blessed.

Roel: Mommy was I a good baby?

Me: Oh, yes you were. You were one very cute baby. You were literally cute..you were this small (making a gesture with my hands emphasizing his length).

Roel: Did I cry much mommy?

Me: Oh yes, you cried a lot! When you started walking you would follow me everywhere, even when I wanted to go pee!

Roel: Really mom???!!!

Me: Yapidiyapyap and you know what put you to sleep then?

Roel: Whatttt??? (eyes wide open and voice shrieking)

Me: You loved to hold my nose! (grabbing his hands and putting them on my nose)

Roel: Really??? Like this???!!! (squeezing my nose a bit)

Me: Yeah and you would hold it until you went to dreamland.

Roel: ...and you did not stop me? even when you couldn't breathe well?

Me: Yes, that's right...because...

Roel: because you LOVE ME OH SO MUCH!! right mom?

Me: yes, YES Roel...I LOVE YOU OH SO MUCH!!!

Roel: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOO MOMMY!!!! (gets up, kisses me on the cheeks and heads out of the room to prepare for school).

I was left thinking about the coming years....when the boys would learn to explore and love the outside world more than hanging out with us at home. And yes, this anxious mom fears he will learn to drink alcohol from peer pressure and all the other sometimes uncontrollable influences outside the family. I hope and pray there'd be  id scanners for bars and every establishment that sells drinks meant for adults so he won't have access to alcohol not until he reaches the right age. I know though that constant guidance and teaching by example are the best things to do to raise our boys to become God-fearing, upright, caring individuals.

The other night Roel and I had another "I love being a mom," conversation which went somethin' like this...

Me: I want to have little girls as grandchildren!

Roel: Oh, really mom? you will have them one day!

Me: I pray they will be good little girls...

Roel: They will be good little girls because I am a good boy! :)

Me: ..but what if you marry a bad girl?

Roel: That won't happen mom...because I will choose well!!

Me: (huge grin) Really??

Roel: Yes mom, so worry no more!


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  1. oh, so sweet!! very very sweet, I could feel the happiness radiating here Zen, and Roel is one smart boy, I know he will choose very well :)


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