Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meet Kulas, My Handyman, My Teddy Bear...and Everything Else In Between

  He is turning thirty nine this year...and I love him more each day...I may not often shout to the world how much he means to me but he does, he does make me who I am...he has always been my knight in shining armor..and ours is a love story that was fought with tears and pride and overflowing love...

 Meet Kulas, my teddy bear, lifetime bodyguard and handyman who recently found a perfect website, http://www.supplylinedirect.com/  for all his safety equipment and tools and all the house cleaning stuff he selflessly does for me....

Our birthdays fall on the same day in whatever year....this year both our birthdays fall on a Tuesday....we may not have all the riches the world could offer but our house upon a hill built with love and dreams with our kids and the creatures we shelter, is heaven for me....and will always be..

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  1. awwww, kulas will shower you with a love like no other in case he reads this. i also have a handyman and a teddy bear. hahahaha! we are twinzies for thousand reasons and rhymes. :P

  2. You're lucky to find the love of your life, and are happy with him!

    May all the years to come bring you both absolute happiness!

  3. hmmm, I thought I left a comment here before, maybe I forgot to hit publish, geee! shhhh, alam ba ni kulas na naka-feature sya dito? haha! miss you Zen, you are blessed to have a kulas in your life, lahat na, teddy bear, handy man, body guard! weeee!!

    PS.....psst, may opps tayo sa BV, let me know if you are too busy to write, and I will try to write on it, I know, have not been contributing much there except copy paste from postjoint, haha!

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