Monday, May 20, 2013

The Art of Preserving Memories

A photograph is a moment in time, a fraction of a second that will never be replaced in our lives. When we are feeling unwell, friends would jokingly say "hey, take lots of photos of yourself so we will have something to remember you by," I must admit I am one of those people who are fond of taking photos of themselves. There is something therapeutic about seeing our own smile, that sparkle in our eyes that tell us how much we matter. Lately I have been searching for online local printer  because I have been meaning to have a business card for my writing and photography side-line and to have some of my works printed. Sometimes I can't believe how hooked I have become to sharing my thoughts and and the art of preserving memories, photography that is. I love looking for photo subjects who could stand-out and show to the world how beautiful it is to be simply alive.

Meet Ariana Luz Garcia, the obedient, sweet daughter of a nurse-friend. I just love her innocent be-dimpled smile. The following photos were not 
captured by me though but borrowed from her social networking profile. 


What makes a photo perfect? It is not just the beauty of the subject but the emotions conveyed in each memorable shot. 

Ariana and mom, Luz Garcia (photo not taken by me)

Your mom is your biggest fan. Love her, protect her, kiss her, hug her, show your love to her. It's easy to do but means a lot for her.
                                                                                       - message of Ariana to her mom on mother' s day the unconditional love and caring in the relationship of a daughter and a mom...

and the happiness shown in different facial expressions of a teen-age girl 

and the glow in friends' images of simple joy at being together...

Thank you for inspiring me to keep dreaming and working hard to reach them Ariana :) 

from my humble world to yours....

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