Saturday, January 2, 2016

12 Qualities Doctor Wanna-Be's Must Attain: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Physician?

Doctors struggle everyday to be super-human beings. They deal with LIFE and DEATH each waking morning whether they like it or not. It's a tough job and we do not refer to it as a job but a commitment- TO SERVE. My son expressed a desire to join the MEDICAL world entirely complicated profession that requires the following traits:

1. Impertubability

~do you have the ability to remain CALM and STEADY in times of emergency?


~when death is imminent and all hell seems to be breaking lose or when faced with a truly embarrassing situation can you remain in control to make the right decision?

3. Clear Judgement

~can you share an intelligible opinion that isn't ambiguous?

4. Ability To Endure Frustration

~do you have the strength to stay firm and deal with insecurity and dissatisfaction?

5. Infinite PATIENCE

~can you tolerate listening to crying children and adults alike? and do you have the heart to sit down and simply lend an ear to the confused and in pain with calmness?

6. Charity Toward Others

~the medical profession gives one the ultimate chance to SERVE the needy, to BRING comfort to the sick and dignity to the oppressed, a sure fire TICKET TO HEAVEN

7.  The Search For Absolute Truth

~physicians must constantly research to learn facts and pursue reality

8. Composure

~do you look like someone people could trust with their life and that of their loved ones? do you not only look like one but act like one and truly is ONE who can keep others calm?

9. Bravery

~Are you unshakeable when faced with the fiercest situation or are you first to run away? Do you cringe at the mere sight of blood or do you end up crying non-stop yourself when grief is all around?

10. Tenacity

~Are you persistent enough to attain a goal or sticking to your priorities? There are always things we need to give up to be the person we want to become, can you bear to leave your loved ones for sometime for the sake of greater good?

11. Idealism

~Can you stick to what MUST be followed and value excellence in all ways, always?

12. Equanimity

~Do you have the power to handle stressful situations without getting furious ?

The moment we choose to become HEALERS we have to leave the SELFISH, LAZY part of us behind because the reality is, we can not make someone feel better by simply looking at them. So, do you accept the challenge to balance all of the above characteristics to stay SANE ENOUGH to be a doc?


*The above qualities were from the book Aequanimitas by WILLIAM OSLER, M.D. and adapted from Chapter 1- The Patient-Doctor Relationship of Kaplan & Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry 10th edition

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