Friday, January 17, 2014

Mommy Lu's Resto

The Letters In November would like to take you to another place to visit in San Fernando- "Mommy Lu's".

Their specialty includes steaks and seafood. I've been begging the hubby to take me there for months now but I just couldn't convince him because surprisingly he does not enjoy steak much.

So when my friends and I had another time to bond and enjoy eating out last December I gladly suggested we dine there! 

The architecture and design of the place brought me back to another time as antique jars and furniture welcomed us.

It brought me to the Spanish era in our country. The dining set on the left crafted magnificently by the bare hands of our ancestors  reminded me of my loving grandpa, a very industrious farmer and carpenter who lived his entire life bonding with his tools. He used to sharpen the teeth of his wood saw regularly while singing folk songs. I wish technology was this advanced then so I could have taken a video of him creating furniture.

There are plants everywhere at Mommy Lu's even the ceiling boasts of a million roots that gently sway with the wind.

I love places replete with history like Mommy Lu's resto. I feel at peace and one with the past.

I could not help but capture this mirror on the bamboo wall. I forgot to disable my smartphone's flash though. I wonder how many faces have peeked into it. If only mirrors could speak they'd tell us a gazillion of secrets.

Now come let's take a seat and dig on the menu!

See the painting on the left ? It features "sungka" a wooden sort of game board where one uses small stones to distribute into holes. We used to have one as kids. We would play it under the shade of trees and when we got bored we would run around the neighborhood chasing each other even on moonlit nights. Gee how technology has changed our lives! Majority now seemingly has the need to consume electricity to entertain themselves. Many kids nowadays are missing the beauty of nature spending so much time with computer games... that is why the hubby and I make it a point to balance the kids' playtime so they do not miss out on the real fun stuff in life- sunshine and fresh air.

 Now, what to order....

I've been told their steaks served with rice/mashed potato and mixed vegetables are a must try! My friends both ordered steak. I failed to take a photo though, wonder of all wonders hehehe I think they must have consumed it before I remembered to capture!

 ..They also had sips of sago and gulaman while I could not make up my mind as always. I was craving for egg that day so from the long list of food I could try I opted to have.... jaraaannnnn!!!!!                                                                                   

"Corned beef and eggs"

..and tried their beef with mixed vegetables.

Both tasted great!

We had halo halo for dessert. The shaved ice with milk was refreshing!

and yes, my friends and I had a grand time away from the toxicity of our toxicity I mean "between LIFE and DEATH" decision makings...

 You might not believe it but this year we all vowed to practice what we preach and eat in moderation to keep our tummies just the right size LOL.

...until our next foodie post!  Have a blessed day! Thanks for dropping by!

*not a sponsored post, just a happy customer's honest opinion~

If you're headed North of the country you might want to try the homey, cultural and historical dining experience at Mommy Lu's Resto.
You'd find them in front of Coco-Cola Bottler's Philippines,
Carlatan, San Fernando City, La Union
tel no. (072)607-6231/ (072)242-4938

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  1. pro na pro na mag-review ng resto ah! wish may mga blogging grp din kayo dyan at merong food tasting churva. hehehe! mananaba ako kakabasa ng food posts mo. :P


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