Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Health and Home: A Splash of Color in the Kitchen

I went to the kitchen and prepared these colorful veggies for today's healthy meals. A mere sight of those vivid hues is already therapeutic!

 I love the purple splashed on those eggplants and the green leaves are refreshing to the eyes. Those orange carrots make me think of rosy little girl's cheeks while the reddish tomatoes of bright happy sunny days! The radish I'd love to munch on and the red-green bellpepper and light brown potatoes to toss in a salad!

The best time to start a healthy diet is "now"! Join me and my family!

~with the rest of the world in prayer and action for the hungry and sick~

3 yorum:

  1. my garden is finished, mostly. I still have some purple cabbage and leeks to harvest. I am glad to see your garden is healthy!

  2. these are my kind of vegetables Zen, almost have these every week :) hmmmm, where is my ampalaya?


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