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She closed her eyes. The tears fell as she embraced herself with the pouring of the water from the shower. Her shoulders shook. What was it that pained her most? Was it the fact that he did lie to her face or the fact that she believed his lies all along?

How long has it been? How long has it been since she let him into her life? A decade?
Two decades...all her life. She practically gave him all her life. Her every breath, her every sigh, she gave them all to the man she married.

She dried herself up and mustered all her strength. Maybe she could handle this. She was strong, she could take this. Who was she? Who was she who fancied him? Was it fancy or love already? What the heck, she would give it the hardest battle she could. She loved him, the f**k she loved him to the depths! What if she just ran away? What if she just left him altogether? Maybe that would seal the pain. Yet the more she thought about leaving him the sadder she got. Damn this love, damn this miserable love!

He kept whispering he loved her. Yet the "i love yous' seemed empty to her. The words sounded like a huge joke. She could hear her, them laughing from a distance. Reveling at how naive she was, at how stupid she was. She wanted so much to hurt him back! To kill her even! They did not have a right to hurt her this way! How could he be so unfaithful? What was wrong with her?

Yet she chose to stay. In the end she chose to stay. Why? Because she loved him. Loved him dearly with all her being. The more she hated him, the more love poured from her heart. Damn love. How could you love someone who hurt you? Life, isn't fair....



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